Hey @vivino it’s generally not a good idea to sent out plain text passwords to your users. You might want to look into that. Especially considering your marketing pay-off that starts with “Trusted by 30 million for wine ratings….” #websecurity

I find it remarkable how renaming “Marketing & Sales Tech Rep” to “Developer Advocate” suddenly makes this a worthy career path for many developers.

The software in my car is informing me that I’ll be driving home old-school: with the windows open 🙂
A good but rather noisy workaround. @VolvoCarNL fix those $#%&#! air conditioning pumps already! #VolvoV60 #volvo

Wrapping up #DPC18 with a final evaluation session: producing a whopping 127 items of feedback, improvements & ideas to feed into #DPC19. Many tiny improvements & some big ones. Pretty happy with our Continuous Improvement cycle at DPC! #kaizen #ibuildings

Occasionally I find myself on a website and just smell the tables and cellpadding (or lack thereof) beneath the layout. I quickly check view-source, and it never lets me down 🙂 #webdevelopment

E-mail van LinkedIn: ze zijn “op zoek naar een Co-Founder zoals u”! 19 vacatures! Schattig hoor die stupide algoritmes. En als ik dan vacatures weergeven open, komt de koude douche: “Geen vacatures gevonden”. Bastards.
#linkedin #vacatures

RT @Scott_Helme: The Canadian Government are going to require all of their public sites have HTTPS and HSTS! This is a great step forwards…

@shochdoerfer The Bing Translator has yet to grasp the intricacies of the German language…
And the humor of @shochdoerfer for that matter:-)

RT @changelog: These hardware bugs are much cuter than their software bug cousins.