Seriously? On every single Skype update, the installer tries to trick me into changing the search and default page settings on all installed browsers. A disgraceful practice unworthy of such a company. There should be a law! 🙂

We (@IbuildingsNL) are working on a Slack Holacracy Bot, called Hola. Hola was activated today, and I asked this first test question. It seems the AI powered bot already has a good grasp of the principles behind Holacracy! 🙂 #holacracy

Finally received the 950+ GB of raw footage of all the recorded #DPC18 sessions & keynotes. Firing up Premiere Pro to cut those uhm’s & euh’s! 🙂

@f_u_e_n_t_e Yup, the Observatory by Mozilla is a great tool for this. Almost a gamified way to increase security on a website. Everyone wants to score A+ 🙂

Chrome OS is coming along nicely. It’s a real desktop OS developers have to take into account next to Windows, MacOS and Linux. And it’s the only platform where your web app is actually native! #pwa

Mijn spraakherkenningssoftware moet ook nog even wennen aan de AVG: Er ging bijna een e-mail uit met een verwijzing naar de ondertekende “verwekkersovereenkomst”. Daar komen pijnlijke – wacht, ik kan het uitleggen! – misverstanden van! 🙂
#AVG #spraakherkenning

I love software engineering. It’s the only place where someone can talk about mocking a framework and a mocking framework. #PHP

Feeling great after hosting a very successful #DPC18. And feeling enormously proud of the entire DPC Team at @IbuildingsNL for all their hard work. You’ve nailed it! Thank you @dpcon Team!

Wow, it’s less than 24 hours to the start of #DPC18. We’re hitting the ground running tomorrow with a full day of tutorials. Or what I like to call “Master Classes”!

@robconery This isn’t explicitly forbidden in GDPR. But it sure weighs heavy on the determination if this is actually voluntary or not: With #GDPR you need to show that the newsletter is absolutely necessary to using the Azure service. Is it?

@asgrim I think it’s the personal repo’s that are moved. And advertised loudly. I’ll bet no actual production workloads are migrated based on this acquisition.

I’m hosting a CodeNight Community Event on Friday June 8th in the RAI, Amsterdam, as part of the Dutch PHP Conference by @IbuildingsNL. The CodeNight is open for everybody from 20:00, so please RSVP on Meetup:

@julienPauli Because GitLab has excellent and superior features over GitHub?

I can totally picture the #Microsoft #Github negotiations:
MS: We offer $5B!
GitHub: Tss, we want $10B!
MS: Okay, we’ll split the difference, $7.5B?
GithUb: Wut?!? DEAL!

Seriously. I hate this Microsoft bashing. But still, this is pretty funny 🙂
Oh, what the hell, I’ll join in:

I’m waiting for the GitHub LTSB. Just to be sure.