The thing I love about Google Home: My 11 y/o and Dutch speaking daughter has to speak proper English to turn on the TV or play music on Spotify over the living room speakers. So nice educational device as well! …for all those who need some justification to buy this thing:)

Wow, Google’s smart speaker sales grew by 709 percent to 2.4 million units last quarter compared to last year. It’s really taking off, but wondering how many people in NL have these devices since most of them are English only…

RT @dpcon: This year DPCs CodeNight runs parallel to the Conference Social on Friday evening. Are you an open source maintainer? submit you…

RT @mtabini: Classification algorithms vs. the English language: The struggle is real.

@Politie @venite Niet helemaal de allerhoogste graad:

This is very funny! But I do feel somewhat embarrassed on behalf of these developers.

Retail AR is a fair example of an actual application of AR. But seeing this, I start thinking what the next step beyond Retail AR is? I know! 
It’s Online Retail! Just shop & order online from anywhere…. Oh wait.

Our friends at @IbuildingsIT announced the INTERSECTION CONFERENCE: Connecting digital user experience designers and developers.
Organised by Ibuildings Italy, scheduled for 1&2 October 2018 in Milan. More info at