RT @neiltyson: Today, the greatest threat of extinction we face is not asteroids or climate change or disease or famine. It’s society’s re…

Great out of the box thinking by this CTO!

@BackEndTea @vivino Yes, this is a password reset. But the provided password works to log in normally. Setting a proper new password is entirely optional at @vivino

Hey @vivino it’s generally not a good idea to sent out plain text passwords to your users. You might want to look into that. Especially considering your marketing pay-off that starts with “Trusted by 30 million for wine ratings….” #websecurity

I find it remarkable how renaming “Marketing & Sales Tech Rep” to “Developer Advocate” suddenly makes this a worthy career path for many developers.

Herhaling is goed.
Haal je ‘rijbewijs’ voor het Internet door het gebruiken van een wachtwoord manager.

@VolvoCarNL Arko, haha! Afspraak met @Svenscar is gemaakt, het komt goed! Dit wordt wel de 3e airco compressor als dat het euvel weer is.

The software in my car is informing me that I’ll be driving home old-school: with the windows open 🙂
A good but rather noisy workaround. @VolvoCarNL fix those $#%&#! air conditioning pumps already! #VolvoV60 #volvo

Wrapping up #DPC18 with a final evaluation session: producing a whopping 127 items of feedback, improvements & ideas to feed into #DPC19. Many tiny improvements & some big ones. Pretty happy with our Continuous Improvement cycle at DPC! #kaizen #ibuildings

Occasionally I find myself on a website and just smell the tables and cellpadding (or lack thereof) beneath the layout. I quickly check view-source, and it never lets me down 🙂 #webdevelopment

E-mail van LinkedIn: ze zijn “op zoek naar een Co-Founder zoals u”! 19 vacatures! Schattig hoor die stupide algoritmes. En als ik dan vacatures weergeven open, komt de koude douche: “Geen vacatures gevonden”. Bastards.
#linkedin #vacatures

RT @Scott_Helme: The Canadian Government are going to require all of their public sites have HTTPS and HSTS! This is a great step forwards…