@owenscarl Good alternative! I just yearn for the good old days with OneNote on a WinTablet. Was that so bad? Wait. Don’t answer that:)

Come on HP, take a cue from Microsoft: They continue for years with utter failures. And with Steve gone, the floor is yours! #zune #webos

Samsung used a “2001: A Space Odyssey” clip as evidence of prior tablet art. How’s that for inspiration! bit.ly/py6b2f #mobiel

The more #Apple is trying to block #Samsung products the more interested I become in these forbidden fruits. There must be something there?

@h Congrats to Helgi delivering a great “It’s About The API Stupid!” keynote at DPC #dpc11 #iatas

Looking forward to the Dutch PHP Conference, day 1! #dpc11

@lornajane http://joind.in/3235 starts with “Even bad code can function.” Yep, that’s me. Check! Thanks for the tips! #dpc11 #php3

Reading up on the DPC talks. All PAP! (Pretty Advanced PHP) #dpc11