Looking forward to the Dutch PHP Conference, day 1! #dpc11

@lornajane http://joind.in/3235 starts with “Even bad code can function.” Yep, that’s me. Check! Thanks for the tips! #dpc11 #php3

Reading up on the DPC talks. All PAP! (Pretty Advanced PHP) #dpc11

@HansSinke http://twitpic.com/4jlogo – Mooie Range op de voorgrond 🙂

Changing my mind on OpenID; “…coding up OpenID stuff is utterly mind-numbing frustration.” http://bit.ly/bL3Tmm Alternatives? #openid

“The Amazon Appstore is only available to customers located in the United States.” Really?

@paulmatthews86 Yep, don’t forget those Java skills just yet. Android development is going to be BIG at #ibuildings. W’ll dub it Mobile PHP!

@schmkr I do drive a car, but refuse to switch gears myself. At certain speeds, delegation becomes important. @harrieverveer

I think no one did actually predict the availability of a white / black version of the iPad2. I’m getting the white one.

Very slick iPad update from Apple. Weird though that I find the new cover is the coolest change they made. #ipad2

Can’t stop thinking about that poor man (Forrest Symbian was his name I believe) standing on that burning platform. Jump Forrest! Jump!

Dutch government spending 460 million to train 3000 people in Afghanistan. 150K euro per trainee, now thats what I call nice rates!

Sound fail at vrienden v Amstel, acda en de munnik #vval terrible

Sanoma invests in Fashionchick.nl. But no luck checking out this site: “Could not connect: Lost connection to MySQL”. #availability #fail

@smitspatrick thanks! Beste wensen terug, 2011 wordt een knallend online marketing jaar!