Mijn 2e succesvolle aandeelhouderschap bij tenpages! bit.ly/b2RHwf Gefeliciteerd Suzanne! Iemand tips voor het volgende manuscript?

This might be old news, but I just found out about Chatroulette. Eh, Not For Kids. bit.ly/5n9mDP

@TenPages Wow! Dat was snel. Gefeliciteerd! Dat was het eerste boek van/via #tenpages, de eerste van many many more.

Gefeliciteerd #tenpages met de lancering van de website! http://tenpages.com/

Via @AnnePMitchell Was Your #WordPress Site Hacked? Redirecting to itsallbreaksoft.net or paymoneysystem.info? Read: http://bit.ly/bPlBmP

Ridiculous that WebEx MeetMeNow still doesn’t support Macs. Looking for an alternative…

love the #ipad! but really, for me, the non-3G versions are pointless. will wait 90 days! Ouch Time.

@ijansch do you know if there’s a live #apple event video feed somewhere? how do you get to follow this live?

Congrats to #yunoo on raising significant funding for their excellent finance management application! http://bit.ly/7bEuts

thank you oracle guys! just got an #oracle branded ElePHPant at #dpc for my little daughter

just extended my mental toolbox at the very informative talk of @ianbarber at #dpc

30 mins too late at #dpc, just sneaked in the Zend Framework tutorial. Let’s see what has changed since the PHP3 era I came from…

Looking forward to learning some new PHP at #dpc today and shaking hands with all the PHP guru’s in the next 3 day!

Actually, if the site doesn’t work, it’s brilliant marketing!

Hmm. @ibuildings seems to be using an ASPX/.NET website for it’s customer satisfaction survey: www.surveymonkey.com

Lorem ipsum banking:http://www.viamijnbank.nl/index.php?p=248420

at depressing indoor playground, no wifi

snowing outside, zoo trip cancelled