Sitting in the car on IKEA’s parking lot, stunned that my girlfriend tricked me again in going here. #condemnedtoconsume

@socialvation I think you misinterpreted the general advice to drink a lot when you have the flu. But they didn’t mean alcohol 🙂 #cheers

Hmm, isn’t the best experience when you don’t have an actual SURFnet connection, but have to get by on ADSL smoke signals…

According to a study of Novay there are privacy fundamentalists that don’t care about user controlled privacy? Huh? #snrd2010

SURFnet and Egeniq presenting the coolest way to log in with a mobile device. #snrd2010

Nice to learn that Skype and Dropbox also ‘infected’ UTwente as the preferred communication/collaboration toolset. #snrd2010

Just learned that I’m a digital immigrant at SURFnet relatiedagen #snrd2010

SURFnet introduces SURF Conext at surfnet relatiedagen #snrd2010

Tip: Enable ‘Restrictions’ on the iPad to disable in-app purchases when kids play games developed by gold diggers like “Smurfs’ Village”.

@smitspatrick daar moet ze maar even mee wachten totdat ze haar eigen credit card heeft;-)

Just found out my 3 yr old daughter bought 90 euro’s worth of ‘virtual strawbarries’. Damn those misleading In-App purchases! Writing Steve.

Running around in blind panic screaming OMG everything is down. #doingmypart

Lawyers must LOVE this new mobile industry the most. It’s an obscene goldmine:

Howto find a hotel based on proximity to an address + minimal rating + avg price? Can’t seem to find a site that offers this service.

A Classic! RT @phil_nash: Welcome to new decade: Java a restricted platform, Google is evil, Apple a monopoly & Microsoft are underdogs

Wondering what would be the exact opposite of Cloud-Based…

Enjoying Apple’s recent contribution to MacPaint Pascal source code, I love it!

@andriesss Good stuff! have apparently nailed Agile & TDD. Would like to read that book you referred to?