30 mins too late at #dpc, just sneaked in the Zend Framework tutorial. Let’s see what has changed since the PHP3 era I came from…

Looking forward to learning some new PHP at #dpc today and shaking hands with all the PHP guru’s in the next 3 day!

Actually, if the site doesn’t work, it’s brilliant marketing!

Hmm. @ibuildings seems to be using an ASPX/.NET website for it’s customer satisfaction survey: www.surveymonkey.com

Lorem ipsum banking:http://www.viamijnbank.nl/index.php?p=248420

at depressing indoor playground, no wifi

snowing outside, zoo trip cancelled

@skoop Well, it sure did retain the context: fully loaded, liters and liters of water. setting breakpoints. brace for impact.

debugging the washing machine; draining stage…

waiting at the hotel bar, slightly drunk…

Hmm, I was kind of expecting Ivo to keep on tweeting while on stage at #phpnw

My overall self image after a day at #phpnw: PHP Challenged.

php 5.3 additions != KISS

finally someone explaining that MVC thing to me at #phpnw

@svdgraaf Congrats Sander! Looks very cool. (Taking the rest of the day off to play C&C 😉 )

Oops, I forgot to go to bed. Better hurry.

Today is the happiest day of my life: Salesforce.com is down!

Just got warned that a stormfront & heavy rains are about to hit our camping site… Picked the wrong weekend for a mini vacation…