You’re placing it wrong.

HomePods are staining wooden tables with a white ring

The DPC Team is running like clockwork! #ibuildings

Even though these robots will indeed and eventually be our overlords, I’m still looking forward to that interim period where these same robots do my dishes, clean the house, take out the trash, etc, etc..

As a reluctant user of speech recognition software for the last 15 years due to RSI, I have a huge respect for this developer using primarily speech recognition to code: The hands-free creation of a full video game

Is dit nou geo-marketing? Soms een superslim idee. Maar soms; not so much:

Finished my little “learning React Native” project. I love to code! Best hobby ever. I wish I could actually do this kind of thing as a day job!

If you were to ask someone in 1969 who just saw Armstrong walk on the moon if human kind would be able to build a reusable rocket in 50 years time, the answer would be: “DUH! Of course we could! What’s wrong with you?! We’d be living on the moon!”. #spacex #falconheavy

HUGE milestone for space flight thanks to the vision and perseverance of Elon and the SpaceX team. Falcon Heavy launch was awesome. The simultaneous landing of the side booster was unreal. Too bad the center core was lost though.

Eigenlijk vind ik het jammer dat er maar 2 grote mobiele platformen zijn. De impact en invloed van mobiel is zo groot dat meer keuze mij gezond lijkt. Gelukkig is 1 van die 2 huidige platformen nog een beetje open.

The more the merrier. Microsoft should double down and decouple Edge from their OS releases to update faster. At least on Android and iOS it’s not their platform, so no excuses there to keep updating!

Now that the CFP submissions are closed for DPC 2018, I’m wishing the DPC Team lots of wisdom in their selection process. For inspiration, have a look at last years line-up, (almost) all recorded & published on the @dpcon YouTube channel:

Some make it really challenging by silently just trimming a long password. Leaving me to figure out how many characters to remove the next time @1password tries to login.

This is depressingly true.

I hate when ignorance is bliss. I really like Apple’s Swift Playgrounds. But it would be awesome if there’s a non-‘Walled Garden’ alternative. Just as nice and inviting for kids to learn to code. But open and free.
#swiftplaygrounds #learntocode