Some make it really challenging by silently just trimming a long password. Leaving me to figure out how many characters to remove the next time @1password tries to login.

This is depressingly true.

I hate when ignorance is bliss. I really like Apple’s Swift Playgrounds. But it would be awesome if there’s a non-‘Walled Garden’ alternative. Just as nice and inviting for kids to learn to code. But open and free.
#swiftplaygrounds #learntocode

Interesting. This is the promise of tools & technology. It should allow for downsizing ops and testing teams. Provided it’s been done right. Execution is super hard. But there’s no going back.

It finally happened last weekend: I got to explain to my 10 year old daughter what a function is. Courtesy of Apple’s Swift Playgrounds: func turnRight() { turnLeft(); turnLeft(); turnLeft(); }
Her response: “Huh? What? Whyyyyy?!? I’m going back to

Good Advice! Whenever I get an e-mail with an unsubscribe link, I use it. Too many people have figured out marketing automation e-mail tools. Saying NO THANKS just starts another automated response path. $%&%#&!… Breathe.

Mooi businessmodel hoor: verdienen aan opvangen overschotten *en* verdienen aan het aanvullen van tekorten. Just-time-time stroom geperfectioneerd door #Tesla

Zo verdiende ‘Tesla’s grootste’ AU$65.000 op een lome zaterdag via @WattisDuurzaam

Indeed a worthy goal for 2018: Delete more code. And don’t code what should not be coded. Except when you delete that code afterwards. Then it’s OK. #webdevelopment #PHP

It looks like #dpcon will receive a record number of CFP’s for #DPC18: 150 and counting. Good luck to the team charged with doing the impossible: making the selection 🙂

I’m so looking forward to the death of App Stores. Progressive Web Apps make these obsolete. No more legal & arbitrary requirements to be granted access to the walled garden. Even with decreased quality and more security issues, I’ll take Mobile Freedom! #pwa #mobileweb

Teveel bedrijven zijn voor hun kernactiviteit overgeleverd aan een externe (software) partij. In dit artikel beschrijf ik waarom je zelf de baas moet blijven over je corebusiness software.
#ibuildings #webdevelopment

Zou dit het begin van het einde van zijn presidentschap zijn?

Learning React Native. I love it. Although the weird and unpredictable node modules mess reminds me of the pesky DLL Hell in Windows. I’ve just hit this issue:
The players may have changed but the game remains the same… #reactnative #dependencyhell