Software Q&A is like a spoon. Do not try to bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth.

Just realized that the A in Q&A stands for Aspirations, not Assurance.

Wouw. Just got e-mail: the great philanthropist, Late Dr. Maurice Wohl, made a random selection and I inherited 9 Million GBP!!! What a day!

@ijansch Yes, but also trapped in pointy haired duties that can only be done in the energy sucking corporate environment… Ahh, the misery.

“You must active Windows within 19 days to continue using all Windows features.” just popped up. The less features the better I always say.

I bow before @ijansch, the master of empty inboxes. What’s your secret?

OK, this is not funny people. Stop e-mailing me! 🙂

Working all day to achieve the impossible: An Empty Inbox. Don’t sent me anything now, almost there! oh, the bliss! if only for a second….

Migration is a bitch. Adding systems and complexity is easy, but removing a system and making it simpler is very very hard! We need help.

It gets worse; About to install Crystal Reports Business Reporting on that thing. Yuk, I feel dirty.

Eh, just ordered a Windows Virtual Server (at Combell). Perfectly normal, but still feels like betrayal somehow. Weird eh?

How come I read these almost ‘content-free’ articles, (‘Is Apple Revamping Its Laptop Line?’), twice?

Got a hair cut today. The lady said ‘I see some grey hairs there fellow!’. Yes, Thank you very much. Really.

Finding a VPS prov. is like finding a girl: th’r all the same, might take y’r money or cut y’r dick off. But y have to pick 1 and stick …

I’m making a shotlist of 4 VPS providers, Already got XXL Webhosting and SliceHost on the list. Anyone have recommendations for more?

Whom to ask for help? Jupiler or Jack Daniels? Read some reviews that the first one is nice, but the latter is quicker. I want deliverables!

Re-doing a 20-page quotation gives you the chance to up the price, as revenge 🙂 Going to NOT save docs more often! Very lucrative indeed.

Saying NO when meaning YES could be painful. Especially anwsering that simple question when quiting your word processor. Grr.

Note to myself; drinking tea from a coffee mug is never a good idea.

Goodmorning! Today I’m working at the Vlissingen Office, looking for things to do 🙂 Suggestions anyone?

Universal truth: Babies, Toddlers are the cutest when sleeping (finally!).

@skoop Like air and water, I wish 3G for everone, everywhere, anytime!