On this page I’ll publish personal projects that I’m involved with, or stuff that I created in the past that I’d like to share. This could be anything really. From software development, learning stuff, building, repairing or anything that I’m interested in outside of my work at Ibuildings.


Eat your own dog food. In my day job I talk about mobile technology. But to really really understand the stuff that goes in to designing, building and maintaining mobile applications, you have to do that yourself. It provides insights that are impossible to obtain otherwise.

So yeah. I decided that my very first App would be a multi-platform React Native App. So simultaneous development for Android and iOS. Learning JavaScript and React along the way as well. What could possibly go wrong!

The result is Totally. An App that provides a simple scoreboard for card games. It’s available on the Google Play Store. And not yet on the Apple App Store.

Oh, and here’s the source code:

Get it on Google Play